Division by Zero – 100 words, Specklit, 8/2/2015
I had a dream once where I was an imaginary number.

Down Time – 100 words, Specklit, 9/29/2015
How many molecules of water pass through us in a lifetime? What stories do they have to tell?

A Most Auspicious Day – 700 words, Bewildering Stories, Issue 632: 2015
Mallet never asked for much. He gets more than he bargained for.

Ghosts in the Machine – 940 words, Nature, vol. 529: Jan. 7, 2016
Harold’s social security check is late again. Can he prove he’s still alive?

The Last Words of the Platonic Form Circle While Trying to Compute Its Own Diameter – 5 words, The Last Word Series  – Mar. 14, 2016
Happy Pi Day!

The Starfarer’s Dilemma – 950 words, Scarlet Leaf Review, March 15, 2016
The solar system faces an existential threat and Ana-tol finds little comfort in the cold logic of game theory.

Final Thoughts – 1000 words, Mad Scientist Journal, Oct. 2016
The chances were infinitesimal at first, but love proves inevitable at the end of the world. 

Independence Day – 6000 words, Perihelion Science Fiction, Nov. 12 2016
Lexi’s parents give her a one day time machine for her birthday which didn’t seem as practical as the car she needed to hold down a summer internship, but proves invaluable when the Earth is threatened by an extinction-level comet.

Roosevelt – 200 words, Fifty Flashes (Whortleberry Press), Feb. 2017
If our coins could talk, what stories they could tell… except they’re so damned self-absorbed.

Let Them Eat Cake – 14500 words, The Society of Misfit Stories, Fe. 2017
Ted’s ex-girlfriend is a bot who has more of a life than he does. There is an app for that. He soon discovers, however, such remedies are never as simple as they seem.

Fresh and Finite – 900 words, Centropic Oracle, June 2017
Ah, to live forever. Except when you think about it, forever is a really, really long time…

eLiza – 950 words, Nature Futures, Nov. 23, 2017
Harold lives a lonely life, but when an old flame knocks on his front door, he is less than enthused.

Accepted for Publication

Nedra’s Last Day – 9000 words, Stupefying Stories, TBD
Nedra wishes only to provide a better life for her son, but dreams can be dangerous in a treacherous world.

The Wishing Place – 6800 words, The Chronos Chronicles, TBD
Jimmy died crossing the railway bridge. His sister Mary brought him back with a wish, but the Wishing Place always takes more than it gives.






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