Short Stories

Independence Day – 6000 words, Perihelion Science Fiction, Nov. 12 2016
Lexi’s parents give her a one day time machine for her birthday which didn’t seem as practical as the car she needed to hold down a summer internship, but proves invaluable when the Earth is threatened by an extinction-level comet.

Let Them Eat Cake – 14500 words, The Society of Misfit Stories, Feb. 2017
Ted’s ex-girlfriend is a bot who has more of a life than he does. There is an app for that. He soon discovers, however, such remedies are never as simple as they seem.

The Wishing Place – 6800 words, The Chronos Chronicles, May 2018
Jimmy died crossing the railway bridge. His sister Mary brought him back with a wish, but the Wishing Place always takes more than it gives.

The Garden of Esther – 9000 words, The Colored Lens, June 2018
When Esther’s parents are eaten by the Why Are You, she discovers her world is much bigger and scarier than she ever imagined.

Nedra’s Last Day – 9000 words, The New Accelerator, May 2019
Nedra wishes only to provide a better life for her son, but dreams can be dangerous in a treacherous world.

We Think Therefore We Die – 13300 words, The Society of Misfit Stories, May 2020
Felix’s life has hit rock bottom after he lost his young daughter to cancer when Rene Descartes’ robot daughter, Francine, finds him and brings him new hope, But can he turn back time and, more importantly, should he?

The Book – 11900 words, Silver Blade Magazine, Oct 2020
Jonnie Twohearts sealed his fate when he revealed the Book to his childhood crush, Kerrie. Now she’s back in town and Jonnie knows it’s more for the Book than him. Still, he’d give it to her if he could, but she’s not the only one after it, and as its Keeper, he can’t let it fall into the wrong hands.

Elysium Fields– 3500 words, Starship Sofa, Mar 2021
Joah is in search of the big one on the ghost planet Arcadia, rare biologicals that will set him up for life. That was Lora’s dream and it is all he has left of her. His new partner, Cynth, thinks he’s getting sloppy and want to scrap the mission. Then she finds something shocking in his logs of the fateful Kruger mission.


Flash Fiction

A Most Auspicious Day – 700 words, Bewildering Stories, Issue 632: 2015
Mallet never asked for much. He gets more than he bargained for.

Ghosts in the Machine – 940 words, Nature, vol. 529: Jan. 7, 2016
Harold’s social security check is late again. Can he prove he’s still alive?

The Starfarer’s Dilemma – 950 words, Scarlet Leaf Review, March 15, 2016
The solar system faces an existential threat and Ana-tol finds little comfort in the cold logic of game theory.

Final Thoughts – 1000 words, Mad Scientist Journal, Oct. 2016
The chances were infinitesimal at first, but love proves inevitable at the end of the world.

Fresh and Finite – 900 words, Centropic Oracle, June 2017
Ah, to live forever. Except when you think about it, forever is a really, really long time…

eLiza – 950 words, Nature Futures, Nov. 23, 2017
Harold lives a lonely life, but when an old flame knocks on his front door, he is less than enthused.

reCAPTCHA All Over Again – 900 words, Nature Futures, Sept. 29, 2019
George needs to sign up for benefits, but first he must prove he is human by guessing what day of the week it is in a virtual office.

Drabbles and Microfiction

Division by Zero – 100 words, Specklit, 8/2/2015
I had a dream once where I was an imaginary number.

Down Time – 100 words, Specklit, 9/29/2015
How many molecules of water pass through us in a lifetime? What stories do they have to tell?

The Last Words of the Platonic Form Circle While Trying to Compute Its Own Diameter – 5 words, The Last Word Series  – Mar. 14, 2016
Happy Pi Day!

Roosevelt – 200 words, Fifty Flashes (Whortleberry Press), Feb. 2017
If our coins could talk, what stories they could tell… except they’re so damned self-absorbed.



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